Saints film room: remaining unpredictable is the key for the Taysom Hill experience (1 Viewer)

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In order to not become too predictable, Payton has slowly been adding new designs and wrinkles to the Taysom Hill package.

By Don Kellum | CSC

The Taysom Hill package continues to evolve in Sean Payton’s offense. While Hill wasn’t as utilized against the Atlanta Falcons, Payton pulled out some new plays for the reigning Super Bowl champion Eagles.

In order for these unique packages to stay effective and give defenses nightmares, the play calls can not become predictable. Payton has slowly been adding new looks and wrinkles to keep defenses honest.

The Pistol

One tweak Payton has added in recent weeks is lining up in pistol formation as opposed to shotgun to run the read-option. The key difference in the formations is where the running back lines up. When in shotgun, the back will be offset to either the left or right of the quarterback. This will clue the defense as to which is the read side for the quarterback, and they can then line up with their strength toward the run side. When lining up in the pistol with the running back behind the quarterback, the defense is not tipped off. ...

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Andrus Whitewing

Andrus Whitewing


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