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Nov 11, 2006
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Assuming we stay at No. 24 in the first round of the draft, list the following:
  1. The one prospect that is your best guess for who we select at No. 24
  2. The one prospect that is your favorite pick for us at No. 24 (with reasonable chance of being there aka no top 10)
  3. The one prospect that is your worst pick for us at No. 24
Lastly if we were to trade up, what is your best guess for who we trade up for?
1. Best Guess: Kenneth Murray - Not a big fan myself but I think if Queen or Murray is there they’ll take one of them. Raiders at 19 will probably be grabbing one and I think Mayock will want Queen based on what he usually prefers.

2. Favorite: Justin Jefferson - I backed off a bit after the Sanders signing, but with TB loading up, I think NO needs fire power. He’s out of the package ready to play and contribute in this offense Day 1.

3. Worst: Jalen Reagor - I guess since he’s gaining steam as a player the Saints like it’d be him. Not very high on him myself.

If they move up I think it’s for Love.
1) Trevon Diggs
- Gut feeling is we draft CB (Diggs or Terrell)
2) Patrick Queen
- Immediately fills need and starts day one, I think he'll be Deon Jones 2.0 but better (honorable mention Murray or Jefferson)
3) Jordan Love
- Adds little value to the team for final Brees run, plus I'm still pulling for Taysom the be Brees' heir
4) Henry Ruggs
- History repeats itself, Ruggs falls a little and we trade up to take a burner WR like we did with Brandin Cooks in 2014
worst case is that we pick a linebacker who just never pans out. I have built up a fear about that.

Yeah I think alot of us have scars from passing up Eric Kendricks for Stephone Anthony at No. 31 in the 2015 draft.
That was shocking to pretty much everyone it seemed, Kendricks was rated as the 3rd or 4th best LB in that draft and we took Anthony (ranked 9th)
1. This is really tough for me. I have gone back and forth on this by the hour. But for right now, I think my best guess will be CB AJ Terrell of Clemson. I believe the value at WR will be gone and the Saints will believe they can find a linebacker later in the draft. I think Terrell will still be on the board at #24.

2. Also tough. I want a starting quality LB and another high quality wide receiver. I am not opposed to good players at other positions either, but I think the quality after the first five to six CBs drops off pretty substantially. My want at #24 flips between Jeff Gladney and Jaylon Johnson, but right now if both are on the board and it's my pick, I am taking Gladney. He is a 60 minute relentless cover man.

3. Several come to mind, but any QB is the answer, so I will say Jordan Love.

I can't imagine a scenario in which the Saints give up the capital it would take to move up in the draft, but if they did it, I would have to agree with St.RobE and say Ruggs.
Best guess - lb based on need

fav -Queen - don’t follow college enough
to compare to Murray
though Justin Jefferson if he
is there and LB is not

worst - any qb - don’t need a bench player
1. Jordan Love (guess pick) thanks Taysom
2. Kenneth Murray (favorite pick) If he's there at 24 you better snatch him quick
3. Laviska Shenault (worst pick) too injury prone
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  1. best guess - Kenneth Murray - I think there's a chance our biggest need meets our draft postion.
  2. favorite pick - Jordan Love - Love the talent this kid has and if we make pick him it means Payton thinks he's our next franchise quarterback.
  3. worst pick - Going with a WR here. They have a high bust rate. A high rate of little-no contribution as rookies. This is why I wanted to sign one in free agency and we did.
  4. trade up - Jordan Love or a Tua injury slide - We're already short on picks so I don't think we need to trade up unless it's to secure the future of the most important position.

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