Saints GM reveals how to attract top free agents (1 Viewer)


By Nico Beato | Clutch Points

What makes a team attractive when it comes to free agency? If you were to ask New Orleans Saints executive vice president and general manager, Mickey Loomis, it all starts with the team culture, via the team’s website.

“We pay attention to our locker room. I think the word of mouth for our club is pretty good right now. We certainly take pride in that,” said Loomis, who then went on to elaborate on why he puts so much emphasis on this aspect of recruiting.
“Recognize this; somebody on every team, when you’re a player that’s a free agent, you probably know someone on almost every team, whether you ran across them in college or at all-star games or in the league. So they have sources within each team to describe the circumstances, describe the locker room, the type of coaching that they’re going to get.”
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