Saints in good shape as the Ravens game approahes(Video) (1 Viewer)


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Sep 27, 2009
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Scooter gave a pretty good summary (here are random bullets):

* Reminded us that the LAST time the Saints visited the Ravens, Deuce had a monster game, and Jake Delhomme came in (subbing for A.B.) and directed a game-winning drive.

* Both Saints & Ravens (if playoffs were held right now) would be seeded @ #5 in their respective conferences.

* Gametime temperature forecast in mid-30's (with NO snow).

* Saints are pretty healthy. Wed injury report (DNP): Hargrove/Remi A./Roby/D. Thomas.

* Ivory's issue is not, repeat, NOT a hammy (whew). He was cramping in his legs. Scooter said the Saints will probably need to give him more liquid electrolytes (Gatorade) the night before to make sure he won't be dehydrated on gameday.

* Saints' complex scheme should be very challenging for the Ravens.

* Game will probably come down to: 1) Who wins field position, and 2) Turnovers

* Saints will need a new KR/Gunner (with Roby injured; Roby checked out OK in medical tests, but will probably be kept out as a precaution). Meachem & Pierre Thomas will probably split the KR duties; Lance will probably handle punt returns.

Saints need to take care of business; let the issue with the Falcons take care of itself. :cool:

Again, pretty decent summary by Jeff Duncan (aka: "Scooter"). :scratch:

Thanks for the post, L.K. :9:


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