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#Saints INR rep: Greer (knee) full , Ivory (ham) limited, Meachem (toe) limited, Hargrove (knee) limited, D Thomas (knee) DNP

Payton said Meachem's toe is the same one that he had surgery on this offseason. Said it bruises with certain types of cuts.
Payton on Brees' INTs: “More than anything else, my concern is this week’s game and what we have to do to play well in this game."
Payton on Matt Ryan: "He’s playing at an elite level and you can just see that on tape."
Payton said that what the Falcons excel at is playing "exceptionally well" when the game is on the line in the 4th quarter.
Payton on #Falcons: "Whether it’s at home or whether it’s on the road, they’re doing all the things great teams do."
Payton on Twittering: "“We really don’t pay much attention to it. At least I don’t."

Payton on Jimmy Graham “We saw in training camp that his learning curve was pretty quick. He is a sharp study.”
Payton on Matt Ryan “1 thing u look for in a QB is if he can bring his team back from behind & he has done that more than anybody this yr.”
Greer (full) is key. Not encouraged about the others, but there's still some time for suffcient healing of injuries such that at least some of them will be able to play.
Surprised to see Greer was full! :9:

Sucks to see Meachem on there.. he didn't play much at all back in week 3 which hurt us because Devery stunk it up.
don't forget that because this is a Monday Night Game today's injury report is comparable to a Wed. Injury Report of a Normal Week. so they still have 3 more Days to Be Ready
Meachem,Ivory,Hargrove could be ready then
Not good for Meach. Even if he is on the field, him not having that speed hurts us, cant spread em out as good, and it seems like Devery has lost a step. Sucks that Ivory is still limited, but good that he is practicing. Good to hear Greer is full go.
Greer being full is great news. The next most important IMO is Ivory. I just think he's our best running back and will give Atl fits. Of course, I want all those guys to be healthy and ready to go, but I definitely want to see CI on the field.
I gotta say, I'm SHOCKED that Greer was a full go today... but it's awesome news.

Hopefully, Ivory, Meach, and Hargrove get right before Monday night. Sucks that Dave Thomas is still OUT, he's an unsung hero for our offense.

If Meach looks like he can't go come Monday, we should bring up Arrington and use him as our deep threat. Henderson's star has faded quickly.
If Meach looks like he can't go come Monday, we should bring up Arrington and use him as our deep threat. Henderson's star has faded quickly.

But AA doesn't play special teams and we'd have to cut someone to make room for him on the roster. Who do you suggest gets cut to make room for him?

I have faith that the old Devery can show up and give Meachem an opportunity to get healthy for the playoffs. I agree that Devery looks like he's lost a step, but for the 4-5 times Drew throws that's worth letting D.H. show why he should be on this team next year.

Greer being a full go is HUGE!!! This means Torrence has less of a chance of being on the field except for ST.

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