Saints need to Draft J……..s (1 Viewer)

Should I say his name ? He plays QB and the mascot is a tiger
If we are being honest, we shouldn't think about a QB until we figure out the coaching piece. The QB position, especially in this day and age, is more dependent on that than most other positions. I would love him in the black and gold tho.
Should I say his name ? He plays QB and the mascot is a tiger
It’s a beautiful dream, but it’s healthier to wake up and face the reality that it ain’t gonna happen. But like Joe, it’ll be fun to watch how well Daniels adapts to the pro game wherever he gets selected in the draft.
im just trolling at this point. Wishful thinking on my part. Man I could see us taking Denver’s pick and our 1st pick to move up, but reality says that it would probably be for a tackle or new kicker.
Well I am all for drafting a quarterback. If it takes for us to move up to get one to be our franchise, then so be it.
That ellipsis isn't fooling anybody. It's a well known "secret" that a lot of us around here want him.

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