Saints need to Draft J……..s (2 Viewers)

If he plays at the Senior Bowl and crushes the interviews and impresses during the game, he's for sure a top ten pick. It is my understanding he was invited to the Senior Bowl but has not formally accepted the invite yet.
Draft him and put him behind a wet paper bag of a O-line? We need to fix that first. Carr can be an above average QB if he had a good pocket in front of him more times than not.
Gimme the most dominating game changing LB in college. Don’t even know who that is……but I’m so sick of watching the lightning fast young LBs do everything and cause havoc.
Meanwhile our DE needs have been met by a UDFA. …..(and 3rd rounder TRex).

You don’t have to go R1 to get a game changer at DE.

For some reason LBs are thought of like RBs in the draft.
Should I say his name ? He plays QB and the mascot is a tiger
Archie starts with an 'A' not a 'J' and he went to Ole Miss not LSU! Yeah, that was back in 1971 and that was the last time we drafted a QB in the first round sir.

Do the math, 1 QB in the first round in 56 years.... Uhhhhh. You can forget it bruh. We'll draft a long snapper before a QB especially with that 150 million dollar C-average poster boy
We haven't drafted a QB in the first round in over 50 years.

Literally the most important position in sports...
If he's there when we pick in round 1 and we pass on him, we're idiots, but I'm not saying anything people don't already know.

With that said, this team is old and getting older and we have lots of problems to address.

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