Saints QB Drew Brees press conference transcript - 10/29/09 (1 Viewer)


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New Orleans Saints QB Drew Brees press conference transcript
Written by Dave Lawrence (New Orleans Saints) Thursday, 29 October 2009

Reggie Bush and Pierre Thomas were both quoted this week as saying that this team could go undefeated. Do you like that kind of confidence in your teammates?

“I think what they both said was we have the discipline to take it one game at a time, feeling like we can win each game one at a time, and if you do that enough times, maybe you go undefeated. We’re not overlooking anybody; we’re never looking farther ahead than the game that is the next one. There is no bigger game this season as of yet than Monday Night Football against the Atlanta Falcons at home, in the dome, our first divisional game – all of those things. The game couldn’t be any bigger.”

What does losing Heath Evans mean to the team?

“That’s tough. Heath was not only a real productive player, but he’s an awesome guy. An awesome locker room guy, great for that running backs room, which is really some pretty young players. I think Heath was just a real good influence on everybody; just a solid guy. So you miss him for a lot of reasons. He has told me that he wants to be around as much as possible, just like Billy Miller, now that he’s out for the season. Hopefully he will be around and I know he will be.”

When you say there’s no bigger game as of yet, do you mean because it’s this week’s game or is everything that’s on the line more than you have had so far?

“Both. We do have more on the line when you talk about a game on the line where if you win, you’re up three; if you lose, you’re only up one. That’s a big swing.”

Would losing this game feel like you’re letting the Falcons back in the race?

“Sure. And it’s a game at home and on Monday night. All those reasons are why you want to go out and play well and win the game.”

What do you think winning this game would do for them?

“I don’t want to talk about how they’re going to feel if they win the game. I definitely know their mentality coming in is going to be…we’re getting their best game, without a doubt. They’re a very good football team. We traded shots with them last year, home and home, and the fact is I think they are a team that has really started to build something. They play with a lot of confidence; they have a great core group of players that they kind of fill around. They’re playing good football. They’re going to be a little salty coming off that loss at Dallas. They’re a team that hasn’t lost two games in a row since the new regime came in, so we’ll have our work cut out for us.”


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Mar 14, 2006
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"What do you think winning this game would do for them?"

Really? Is that what the reporter asked Drew? Really?!?

No kidding, gotta love Drew's response, though.

"I don't want to talk about how they're going to feel" I'll bet he was more than a little irked at that question.


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Overall, that was pretty neat to read. I like the way Drew thinks! Very grounded and appears to look at all aspects of every situation and how each may affect the team.


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Love Drew Brees. Truly the competitor.

So I think an offseason bet is in order to see if I can truly dunk. Coach Payton said that I can’t dunk a mini-ball, which I will take that bet. Any of you guys that want to jump in on that, feel free.”

Drew, you are the man! BUT, pls don't be dunking any basketball goals during the off-season or anytime. PERIOD. You need to insure and protect that shoulder of yours, Drew!!!!

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