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So I can never say that I loved the Vikings vs Saints 2009 NFC Conference Championship game? That doesn't make any sense. I can't say that the Vikings fans are butthurt over losing to the Saints in 09?
Wow, dude. Sarcasm is a lost art. Sorry for upsetting you. I guess next time I have to turn Sarcasm on and off for the touchy crowd.
We were charmed that year for certain. We had two CBs come in off the street to start against the Pats I believe it was and kicked their tails in the Dome. Tom Brady and BB were like "no mas" and threw in the towel. Lol
Yeah, but Predator (super nice guy, btw) wasn't just anyone. I think he was the best CB to ever face Randy Moss. He was the Shon to Moss's Evans.

But you're right; we were charmed. The game against the Redskins proved that. The Meacharound alone made me feel like the team was going all the way.
I'll reserve judgement as to what this team can be when play a team with an actual QB. We barely beat two mediocre teams.
I think we beat Green Bay. I agree with that.

But Saints are doing their own thing. I don't have airtime to fill or a word quota to make so if you ask me we are this years Saints. I don't care about the Vikings unless we play them.

And. We are better than the Cowboys.
I do think the Trevon Diggs injury will be big for Dallas, but I am not sure I would say there defense is bad. They still might have the best Dline in the league. Micah Parson is a freak of nature. The Saints Oline needs massive improvement if we face them in the playoffs.

I do agree about Dak though. I don't trust him in the playoffs, but Carr has a lot to prove as well.
They will be just a good D. i dont think there D line will be as effective now. Without that elite offense Dak is going to have to carry the offense. he has yet to ever shown he can do that. Meanwhile Carr, sure he is no AR, Allen or Mahomes, but he has shown he can score without relying on a great run game and win without a good defense
I don't think we can be the next Vikings without losing a good bit of mental acuity first. And also shortening our penises a good bit.
Parity is a thing in the NFL. We assume by what the teams on our schedule did last year that it is an easier schedule but I think you can't be so sure about that.
I'll reserve judgement as to what this team can be when play a team with an actual QB. We barely beat two mediocre teams.
Tannehill is rarely a factor in Titans games. They've got a mauling OL and a vicious DL.
With what is in the books so far, it's a fair assessment. Defense is dominating. Offense is struggling.

Offensive struggles are primarily pass protection (vs. blitzes and stunts) and running back production.

The plus side is, Kamara will be back, and the offensive line is not getting beat due to a lack of talent. It's more a lack of teamwork.

Get back to me after week 8. Then we'll know where we stand.

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