SaintsReport has lost a family member (1 Viewer)

My condolences and prayers to his family. That is truly truly sad news.
RIP Frank, things like this happen and it makes you truly appreciate the people around you. I know I'll spend the day telling folks that I love how much I love them because they might not be there to hear it tomorrow.
Some ideas are being kicked around to do something for his young son Harris. If anything pops, someone will post about it.


TPSaddayinsaintsreport.comhistory :(
:sad_sad: I am going to miss Frank.
RIP, brother.
RiverCitySaint knows Frank and put this picture up on the EE thread. It's possible, as noted, that we might take up a collection. Some ideas being kicked around are a framed New Orleans Saints jersey with "St Frank" and the overage going into a trust account or something for Harris, his son. Loose Cannon will probably coordinate it through Jayden. Where Saintsreport differs from the rest of the e-world is that this is a place where you can truly say, he was one of us.



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That sounds like a great idea TPS.... please keep us posted on the developments.
He was the recipient of a heart transplant several years ago. He had his good days and bad days but he always found a way to laugh about his situation. SharonT knows more of the details about his medical history, but he lived a pretty long life for a heart recipient. We've come a long way.

FWIW, the thread is up. Please take time to read it, and if anyone is interested in hooking up Harris, check it out. A Saints jersey with St. Frank and the #37 (his age) will be purchased and framed. It will be given to Harris by Jayden (high standing member of the forum). The balance would go into a trust for Harris for when he's 18. Make a difference if you can, if not, say a prayer.

Here's the link:

Anything you can do to help is obviously appreciated.

RIP. It is really sad when someone so young passes away. Thoughts and prayers go out to his family.
A very sad day indeed, our prayers go out to his family and friends, we will miss his insights here at

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