Salisbury picks the Saints... (1 Viewer)

Lee Newell

Apr 10, 2002
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Offline win win against Tampa and make the play-offs this season. Says that it's up to Drew Brees to continue to improve and he will.
The reason was not released.

Not released, this is amazing. He and every other so called expert jumps on the misfortune of the players and the network won't release why he was suspended for a week. Steriods.
Salisbury picks the win win against Tampa and make the play-offs this season.

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! :surprise-bleu-1:

When are they gonna learn to leave the Saints alone!?!?! :ezpi_lovesick:

They are going to curse us right to the depths of mediocrity.

GO AWAY! :cussing:
Mort has not picked the Saints all year so that is good that he picked the Bucs.
Several people on NFL network picked the Saints to win. I can't remember who it was. I was doing something else and heard it in the background. I think I was concentrating on the Africa watering hole (some of you from the EE forum know what I'm talking about). :rolleyes:
Brees needs to improve? He's already playing at a ProBowl level. Typical Dan Marino said about Salisbury, "He couldn't hit the ocean if he was standing on the beach".

Saints to win this week by 7.

Go Saints!!!!
Man, I really wonder why they suspended him. They fired Harold Reynolds for harrassment, so I doubt he did that.

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