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Jan 23, 2006
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I will be out of town this weekend traveling to San Antonio and was looking for a place near the riverwalk/convention center to watch the game. Any suggestions? Thanks!
I can't remember any names but there are a few right on the riverwalk, I think they were attached to hotels. Fatso's is a local favorite but its pretty far from the Riverwalk and kind of ghetto if you ask me.
It is ghetto, but they show every game at Fatsos, so I can clown the Cowboy fans at the same time as I watch the Saints. Dude if you need a ride PM me and I will send you my celly number.
Austin is only an hour away, and Shoal Creek on North Lamar and 9th is the best place in the area to watch, but then your username suggests that you may know this already.

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