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Aug 19, 2006
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Here it comes…. From, it is the annual schedule leak-o-rama!

With the unusual situation this year, we are already getting leaks (credible and non-credible). Some media members and other personnel get advance copies of the team schedules and love to drop tidbits of schedule information prior to the official release.

Feel free to post any tidbits of info you can find off official/unofficial sites from the Saints, our opponents, or other media sites. Please cite your source if possible. As we've discovered in the past years, some sources are definitely more reliable than others.

I'll try to compile any leaks in this post and see how much of the schedule we can learn prior to the actual release sometime this week. Nearly every year, we have the schedule correct prior to the actual release by the NFL.

Usual disclaimer: SR is not affiliated with the Saints or the NFL so no information posted in this thread should be considered to be a "league source".

Home: Carolina, Atlanta, Tampa Bay, Green Bay, Minnesota, Kansas City, LA Chargers, San Francisco
Away: Carolina, Atlanta, Tampa Bay, Denver, Las Vegas, Detroit, Chicago, Philadelphia

Sept 13: Tampa Bay
Sept 21 (MNF): at Las Vegas
Sept 27 (SNF): Green Bay
Oct 4: at Detroit
Oct 12 (MNF): LA Chargers
Oct 18: bye
Oct 25: Carolina
Nov 1: at Chicago
Nov 8 (SNF): at Tampa Bay
Nov 15: San Francisco
Nov 22: Atlanta
Nov 29: at Denver
Dec 6: at Atlanta
Dec 13: at Philadelphia
Dec 20: Kansas City
Dec 25 (Fri): Minnesota
Jan 3: at Carolina
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I do not want to be the first team the raiders play in that stadium. That just feels like a game the league and refs could help but noodle with.

Yeah, don’t want to see the Saints get served up as the opponent for the Raiders home opener. That would suck. I’m hoping they make that a division game for them.
Here is my guess:

Sept 13: @Carolina
Sept 20: Minnesota
Sept 27: @Denver
Oct 4: @Chicago
Oct 11: Kansas City (SNF)
Oct 18: @Tampa Bay (MNF)
Oct 25: @Atlanta
Nov 1: bye
Nov 8: LA Chargers
Nov 15: @Philadelphia
Nov 22: @Detroit
Nov 29: Atlanta (Thanksgiving)
Dec 6: Green Bay
Dec 13: Tampa Bay
Dec 20: @Las Vegas
Dec 27: San Francisco (SNF)
Jan 3: Carolina

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