Schefter: Payton struggled w/ QB decision. Players/others disagree w/choice (1 Viewer)


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Oct 11, 2006
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It’s my first post here so don’t kill me :)
I am really excited to see how Tysom is gonna play. If it works then he should gain some confidence and when Brees comes back for the playoffs the Swiss Army knife should be even more effective due to this chance. It’s a big if but it’s worth trying :)

for it to work he doesn’t need to be a great passer but he just has to be ok and should be careful with the ball. Having all the weapons around him should help and then his ability to run should also pay some dividends

I read somewhere that he has really small hands and hence all the fumbles. Hopefully it’s not really an issue
Nobody will kill you till after your 4th post. lol

Yeah, it's going to be interesting seeing his role when Drew comes back. It's a really interesting situation here.

People say that about his hands. I dunno if it's true. But he obvs fumbled today so it needs to get addressed.

As bad as I felt last week after seeing Drew, I feel so much better that he can rest up and heal and not lose any ground.

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