Video Scout's Take: Sitting down with Gabe Barahona to study the Saints vs Panthers (2020 Game 2) (1 Viewer)


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Oct 4, 2016
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Hey everyone! Hope you're enjoying the offseason madness so far. In some ways I enjoy it more than I do the regular season. lol. But, I still miss watching football. To fill that game met up with Gabe Barahona (Former NFL Regional Combine director, Scout with the Calgary Stampeders, & 5x U.S. National Team member) once again to take a look at the secondary. This is becoming a bit of a series thing where we sit down and watch film together. To emulate what it's been like for us in an actual setting (EX: Having to go to the Saints facility and study tape, going to a college to watch a player, etc.) this is the first time we sit down and watch a particular game together. So the thoughts, reactions, and takes are all fresh. Really helps get the football juices flowing again. In this video we focus on:

-Young players (Grant Haley)
-Vet F/As (P.J. Williams)
-Carolina playcalling vs New Orleans playcalling
-Some notes on Rankins/Onyemata/T-Rex (some absolutely gorgeous examples of the drop leg technique and run stopping. T-Rex also being really good at pass rush)
-Teddy Bridgewater

Not a better way to spend your Sunday than with some film study! Would love to talk shop about this game (or anything else) if anyone's down. Hope you enjoy!


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