Sean Payton: Taysom Hill to be backup quarterback (mod edit) (1 Viewer)

I agree, but if he is #2, we wont see the swiss army knife taysom.

Nah, read this.

EDIT: For those that can't, Payton is basically saying Taysom will be the #2 QB but will also be the #1 in the Joker role doing his usual stuff. Because he could get a finger pointing sideways playing TE they will need a #3 QB active every game.
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To me, this makes it more likely we will draft a QB.

We need a viable #3 QB with Taysom as the #2. There is too much risk that a #3 could be playing if Brees goes down.

Any QB worth his salt may be tough to bring in if the message is that he's not even competing for the #2 spot.

Drafting a QB reasonably high fits well with that situation.

I'm not predicting it but I feel like its more likely than before. It also fits in with these escalating deals.
So it confirms what I said last night. We'll add a non-threatening veteran QB and/or a rookie.
I fully expect that to be what we do. Though as much as I want it to be Jordan Love, it'll probably be Jake Fromm, Cole McDonald, or even Jalen Hurts in the 3rd round or later.

Agreed aside from Fromm not making it to the third imo.

Unless you’re saying Jalen from the 3rd on. He definitely will be there.
I think it matters in how they use him. I suspect they’ll use him less on the QB draws and pick their spots with the rushing plays. He probably won’t be playing on special teams anymore. They will likely have him throw more often. I don’t think playing him at TE, WR, or a blocker will be an injury risk.

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