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there's always this year
Mar 30, 2013
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Tupelo, MS
you hear about guys who are 'Bill Parcells guys' or 'Bill Belichick guys'. coach Payton is certainly crafting his own legacy by bringing coaches and coordinators up through the ranks, guys who have come through the Saints organization and gone on to be head coaches (Dennis Allen, Doug Marrone), highly respected coordinators (Aaron Kromer), college coaches (Curtis Johnson). at what point do we start talking about the Sean Payton coaching tree the way we do with Belichick and Parcells?
I suspect winning a couple more Super Bowls with Sean Payton as head coach would go along way towards that.
i mean, Doug Marrone turned Syracuse from one of the worst football teams in the whole country into a Bowl winner in just a few years. while Tulane is still not anything close to a good football program, Curtis Johnson has gotten respect around the college world as a player developer. Dennis Allen significantly improved the Broncos defense before taking over in Oakland and is not overseeing the rebuilding process there. i dont think itll be long before we hear of the Payton tree
They will not start talking about the Payton tree until his disciples starts using his style of coaching. The big deal with the bilichick tree is how other coaches uses his style of coaching, game planning and or philosophy.

Give it enough time and it will come though.
Kinda like the Mike Smith coaching tree right, according to Falcons fans?




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