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May 18, 2007
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Mike, this is Fletch...Big fan of your work. Unfortunately, it looks like you be covering the same team that you lose interest in by week 10, only to see who we can draft and upgrade through free agency in the offseason.
My question is simple. What in the world has gotten into Sean Payton? Our offense looks complelety predictable now. I understand we don't have a solid #2 reciever and Deuce is gone but the play calling is horrid in my opinon. I am done with Sean Payton. I absolutely hated the 4th down call against the Titans, if you are gonna go for it, go for a first down not a touchdown. And also, why the heck do you kick that field goal against the Panthers. We couldn't hit a field goal in the redzone just before, our kicker is injured, even when he wasn't injured, he hasn't shown he can hit a 40 yarder with any consitency, let alone a 53 yarder. I am done with Sean Payton. I hold him personally responsible for the loss, I thought for sure it was going to be a pooch kick punt. And on top of that, your gonna give them that field position when you know another 20-25 yards and your giving John Kasay a pretty good chance to kill us. There were alot of dropped balls and bounces that didn't go our way but we should not have lost THAT way. I am done with Sean Payton. One good season does not give the power to coach a game like your playing Madden 08 on Xbox. Also, going back to last season, why he chose to practice inside when we were going to play in Chicago in the NFC Championship game?? Please give me your thoughts on his style, playcalling (or lack thereof) and leadership through the first quarter of the season because hopefully you can convince me that he is worthy of his job.

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