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What a debacle. The Dolphins could've broken the record for most points scored in a game if they felt like it. Not great. Broncos fans have to be like, "What the?". I knew it was going to bad for SP in Denver but I didn't know it was going to be this bad. I almost feel sorry for him. Almost.
I have a few coworkers that are Broncos' fans. All of them acted like they were going to have the 2009 Saints on the field now that they have Payton as their coach. Wrong! Suffer 🤣
Sean Payton is 0-3. At least I have that.

Karma at work here!!! Sean getting what he deserves, between trying to sneak out the back door to Miami and make it seems like needed a break and then calling out Nathaniel Hackett to prop up Russell Wilson. I'm all for it.
I hate to say this but no one else did, is that Miami is THAT good. Their little computer nerd coach is an offensive savant. They would’ve dropped 50 on us in the second half had we played them. So this was more about Miami and less about SP and Denver. With that said, what a douche’ reporter with the “hey Sean this was a historical momemnt in football, aren’t you glad that you were a part of it? What the Fork! was that dumb comment / question. Sean knew he wasn’t having any of that fools take quickly.
Nobody's that good.
Forcing Miami to punt is still something to build upon. There's always a bright side...

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