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Jan 13, 2008
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New Orleans, La
Prologue: The Saints had and amazing season of football in 2006 almost making it all the way to the superbowl. They were expecting a better year in 2007 with huge offseason additions like Jason David and Brian Simmons. Payton knew that these players would come in a make a positive impact on the team. The Saints even traded and 6th round draft pick to get an amazing and heroic kicker known as Olindo Mare. The Saints and thier fans knew that they were destined for the superbowl in 2007, the Saints were unstopable. The draft looked like it was full of impact players like Antonio Pittman and Robert Meachem. But thing began to change, Meachem was injured and had come into training camp out of shape and Pittman didn't even make the team! But still they had the huge impact players Jason David and Olindo Mare, and they did make and impact. The season began with a defensive touchdown by Jason David against the superbowl champions. They game was tied at halftime 10-10 and the Saints now believed they could compete with the best. The Colts came back in the second half and scored 31 points while the Saints amazing offense could not move the ball and ended up loseing 41-10. Four weeks later and the Saints are 0-4, and it appeared to be the end of the Saint's season already, but in the next game their impact player, Jason David, was injured and they won 4 games in a row which brought them back to 4-4. Jason David was back and the Saints lost to the Rams who had yet to win a game, then to Houston. But a win against Carolina brought the Saint's playoff hopes back to life. Their rivals the Bucs gave them a loss in a game they had won, Payton had called a play that defined their season perfectly. Everytime they saw success they fell back to mediocrity or failure. A loss to the Eagles and Bears closed out the dissapponting season but there was one bright spot who was know as Pierre Thomas. Payton knew that something had to change so he and an unlikely group of friends must go into the offseason and save a team on the line between greatness and hopelessness.

Sean Payton

Mickey Loomis

Martin Gramatica

Chapter I

After 8 hours of sleep Payton wakes up to fried eggs and toast cooking in the kitchen, and to his surprise Charles Grant is in his house cooking breakfast for him. Charles ussually cooked breakfast for Payton on Sundays so to see him there on a Wednesday was a huge surprise, but Payton loved Grant's cooking so he didn't mind. After the big breakfast Payton starts his long drive to work, on his way he find Mickey Loomis having car trouble on the side of the road so he gives him a ride. "Hey Mickey, what's up" said Payton. "Nothing, just having some car trouble would you mind giving me a ride to the office?." asked Mickey Loomis. "Sure! we can talk about the players that we need to resign during the offseason." replied Payton. "That sounds like a great idea!" said Mickey. They continued the long drive to the Superdome talking about all of the players that they should resign. After a lot persuasion Mickey makes Payton deside not to resign Simoneau, they have a list of the players that they are going to resign.

David Patten WR
(Payton's Notes: He brings veteran leadership to our recieving corps.)
Jeff Faine C
(Payton's Notes: A solid lineman and a high character guy)
Martin Gramatica K
(Payton's Notes: this guy brought hope back to our kicking game)
Terrance Copper WR
(Payton's Notes: I like this guy)
Billy Miller TE
(Payton's Notes: He helped our team a lot last season, why would we let him go?)

Chapter II
Contract Extensions

Payton and Loomis run accross Martin Gramatica training in the superdome and they deside to ask him about players they should give to deals to aviod them becomeing free agents in 09. "Colston is an amazing player, I don't think you have a choice we must keep him." said Gramatica. " I like Will Smith and Jahri Evans," said Payton. So they deside to give new deals to three impact players

Marques Colston WR
(Payton's Notes: This guy is going to be great if he isn't already)
Will Smith DE
(Payton's Notes: if he looses some weight he will generate a lot of pressure and make our defense better)
Jahri Evans
(Payton's Notes: He's our best lineman we can't lose him)

(NEW)Chapter III
Getting ready for the draft

The Senior had shown Payton some great players that they could end up drafting but Payton knew that he could not make up his mind until he saw the Combine. Gramatica had done some reasearch and found out that Ellis' stock had risen well above the 10th spot in the draft, so he had to look into players that Payton would miss. Mickey Loomis had a party at his house and could not make it to the combine, so it's just Payton and Gramatica, so they get Charles Grant to also go with them. On the way there the find a resturant call Burger Kingdom and they were having a burger eating contest at the time and the prize was 50 million extra cap room, Payton believed in charles grant and knew that he could do it, but he had some pretty tough competition. "Are you sure about this Charles? I mean Clinton Portis looks like he could really eat some burgers if you let him." worries Payton. Charles Grant replies "Don't worry about it Payton I won tons of burger eating contests in my day.". "We will cheer for you!" says Gramatica, "Thanks" said Grant. Grant could eat the burgers that wasn't the porblem, but he just couldn't eat as fast as he used to, the extra weight he had gained during the last offseason really slowed him down. In he end Clinton Portis out ate him by 1 burger in the time limit 51-52. "Wow that kid can eat!" said Grant after the disappointing loss. " I guess that's how the Redskins get their cap room up to a decent number every year." said Gramatica. After their meal they arrived at the combine just in time to watch Dominique-Rodgers Cromartie run an amazing 40 time. But someone impressed Gramatica even more, he had a feeling that the Saints would get a corner in free angecy, so he watched as Kenny Phillips continued to impress. Payton was busy watching the wide recievers and he really liked what he saw, but he knew the fans would kill him if he drafted a wide receiver, so he could only dream.....

and so he did........

That night Payton had a dream about the draft........ "With the 10th overall selection in the 2008 draft the Saints select Desean Jackson, wid receiver, Cal". There was cheering in the background, and he was on the stage standing next to Desean Jackson, he couldn't be happier. It only got better for Payton another wide receiver was selected in the 6th round someone who Payton had watched closely at the combine. His name was Dexter Jackson he had amazing speed and he was a great kick returner. Was this real? Could this really happen?


Chapter IV
Free Agency

Payton and his friends were talking on AOL instant messenger one night during the FA period...

Payton: "The fans are expecting an impact player what do we do?"
Gramatica: "Easy, we go after one"
Payton: "Why didn't I think of that?"
Mickey Loomis: ".................."
Gramatica: "The question is who not why"
Payton: "Right"
Mickey: "Well let's go!"

Payton, Gramatica, and Loomis take a look at the Free Agents and one name stands out above the rest in Payton's mind, and that name is Marcus Trufant. "How about this Marcus Trufant guy it looks like he played man coverage on the Seahawks?" asks Payton. "He will be expensive...........but we have the money to make it happen" says Loomis. When those words were spoken Martin Gramatica's celebration began.

"Ring, Ring" rings the phone of Marcus Trufant, as he picks it up and reads Payton,Sean on the caller I.D. "Hello?" says Trufant. "Hi, is this Marcus?" says Gramatica. "Yes it is, can I help you." replies Trufant. "We need your help down here in New Orleans, and we will pay you well" says Graatica. "Sounds interesting" says Trufant.....

Saint's FA list
Marcus Trufant
(Payton's Notes: It did cost us, but it was the right choice for our franchise)
Boss Bailey
(Payton's Notes: An improvment over Shanle and he is fast, If he stays healthy he will make an impact)
Rod Coleman DT
(Payton's Notes: He was recently released from Atlanta, I think that he will greatly improve our pass rush up the middle if he stays healthy.)

Even though they tried very hard they could not get Corey Williams to come to New Orleans which leaves a problem at DT for Payton and his friends.

Chapter V
The Top Ten
Payton, Loomis, and Gramatica arrive at the draft an hour early and continue to hope that Ellis or Dorsey would somehow fall to 10, but they knew the chances were low. "What are we going to do if Ellis and Dorsey are gone?" asked Payton. "We will just have to go BPA." replied Loomis. "Even if the BPA is offense?" asked Payton. "Yes even if he's an offensive player." said Loomis.

Pick 1: Miami: Chris Long DE
(Payton's Notes: He will fit a 3-4 scheme pretty well, probally the safest pick for them)
Pick 2: Rams: Glenn Dorsey DT
(Payton's Notes: it is horrible that we have to miss out on a great talent like this guy)
Pick 3: Oakland: Sedrick Ellis DT
(Payton's Notes: Well, now what?)
Pick 4: Atlanta: Matt Ryan QB
(Payton's Notes: At least they didn't pick McFadden)
Pick 5: Chiefs: Jake Long OT
(Payton's Notes: They need the Oline help, it doesn't hurt us at least)
Pick 6: Jets: Darren McFadden RB
(Payton's Notes: They couldn't let a talent like that get away)
Pick 7: New England: Gholston DE/OLB
(Payton's Notes: How can you go 18-1 and then get to draft an amazing player like Gholston?)
Pick 8: Ravens: Mike Jenkins CB
(Payton's Notes: We have terrible luck)
Pick 9: Bengals: Keith River LB
(Payton's Note's: Next time I'm just going to hope a player I don't want falls)

After the pain of watching every player they wanted go to another team Payton must make a choice, and the thought of Desean Jackson just keeps poping up in his head, was his dream about to come true? Only the wise words of Gramatica saved him from another offensive pick. "Well Kenny Phillips looks pretty good, how about him?" asked Gramatica. "Yes, yes... he is perfect." replies Payton sadly.

Pick 10: New Orleans: Kenny Phillips S
(Payton's Notes: I almost forgot that we could use help at saftey, let's hope we have better luck later in the draft)

Chapter VI
Rounds 2-7

Payton gladly watched as Curtis Lofton fell and fell all the way down to the 40th pick in the draft, it was and easy choice for Payton.

Round 2: New Orleans: Curtis Lofton MLB
(Payton's Notes: This guy will help our defense a lot and he is a playmaker)

Payton wants some offense in the 3rd round maybe a tight end. "What good tight ends are available Gramatica?" asked Payton. "I'm not too sure, I can't think of any at the moment" replied Gramatica. "I know of one." said Loomis, "His name is Jermichael Finley, he may need time to develop but i think he is a great choice right now."

Round 3: New Orleans: [FONT=arial,sans-serif][SIZE=-1]Jermichael Finley[/SIZE][/FONT] TE
(Payton's Notes: I believe in Loomis and he knows what he's talking about when it comes to tight ends)

As the Saints 4th round pick nears Payton noticed another player from Texas still on the board, and DT known as Frank Okam, Payton had addressed DT only a little in Free Agency so he knew that this guy was the best choice.

Round 4: New Orleans: Frank Okam DT
(Payton's Notes: Hollis Thomas is getting old this guy can be his replacement in a few years, i beleive he can also make an impact right now)

"Hey! we haven't picked anyone from LSU yet!" said Loomis. "You'e right we haven't!" said Payton

Round 5: New Orleans: Jacob Hester RB/FB
(Payton's Notes: He can get you the 1 yeard that you need on 4th down and he can replace Deuce in a few years if his injury causes him to end his carrear early)

"We could use a wide reciever" said Loomis. "I know the perfect guy" said Payton..

Round 6: New Orleans: Dexter Jackson WR/KR/PR
(Payton's Notes: This has to be one of my favorite picks he will help out our special teams and our recieving game with his amazing speed)

"Payton look Colt Brennan is still undrafted" said Granatica. "Why not?" said Payton.

Round 7: New Orleans : Colt Brennan QB
(Payton's Notes: I can work on this kid for a few years, I think he has the potential to be a great QB, and may take Brees's place when he retires. I don't worry about anythnig more than I worry about Brees being injured.)


and that is the end of Payton's Offseason Adventure

2008 Depth Chart

QB: Brees
RB: Duece/Reggie, Thomas,Hester
FB Karney, Hester
WR:Colston,Dexter Jackson
WR:Meachem, David Patten
TE:[FONT=arial,sans-serif][SIZE=-1]Jermichael Finley,Billy Miller
LT: Brown
LG: Alleman
C: Faine
RG: Evans
RT: Strief, Stichcomb

DE:Will Smith
DT:Hollis Thomas,Frank Okam
DT:Rod Coleman,Brian Young
DE: Charles Grant
OLB: Fujita
MLB: Lofton
OLB: Boss Bailey
CB: Marcus Trufant, Jason David
CB: Mike McKenzie/Usama Young
FS: Kenny Phillips
SS: Roman Harper

K: Martin Gramatica
P: Steve Weatherford
KO: Olindo Mare
KR: Dexter Jackson/Reggie Bush
PR: Dexter Jackson/Reggie Bush

there will be a sequel, it will be pointless put I'll post it in a few days anyway

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The Future Has Arrived
May 26, 2007
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:worthy: Great job, that obviously took a long time to put together. I wouldn't personally go Kenny Phillips at #10, but it isn't a bad pick at all. The rest sounds good.

Skip Bayless

Very Banned
Feb 9, 2007
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Great job

even though i don't like us taking KP

still a great read and very well thought out

Rich Jr

SR is my life!
Oct 18, 2004
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1.) Martin has no chin :hihi:

2.) Great draft if it were to happen.

3.) I see a team like the Pats taking Brennan in the 4th or somewhere close to that.


Marques Colston's #1 Fan
Oct 20, 2007
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Los Angeles (USC)
Mike Jenkins and Kenny Phillips are the only realistic picks for us at 10. Nice to see that we took one of them.


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Feb 1, 2004
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Monroe, La
Thanks DrudkhFan, good job and I especially like the pictures added.(Nice touch)


No White Flags!
VIP Contributor
Aug 27, 2006
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Keller, TX
Great Job!!! Not sold on Phillips at 10 yet and I'd hate to see our project QB as Colt Brennan, but I could live with the rest.


Account closed at user request
Apr 3, 2005
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DT Starks - WR Johnson - CB Florence
1. CB Jenkins 2. MLB Lofton 3. WR Bowman 4. DT Okam 5. OLB Gatewood 6. DT Shirley 7. TE Sperry.


Bring The WOOD!
Apr 12, 2002
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I wouldn't mind the picks, but it would scare me silly if that were the amount of preparation they put into the draft. It hasn't been that way since DITKA!!


More than 15K posts served!
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Mar 4, 2003
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Ann Arbor Michigan
i liked it all the way to our first round pick......Kenny Phillips is not top 10 talent i'm sorry.
Jan 8, 2008
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Baton Rouge
Actually i love it, I think Phillips can be a great player... Lofton in the 2nd and Okam in the third we would AMAZING... I love hester because of his heart and knowledge of the game... WR im not soo sure but if we dont sign a QB in F/a and Palko shows he can play then im down for Brennan. Man how long did this take you i loved it


party lamp
Staff member
Jan 11, 2002
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Duncan Plaza
Charles Grabt is a beast!!

I didn't know Grammatica would have so much input.

Great post!!


A $ A P
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Sep 22, 2006
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New Orleans
Wow. What a great post, thanks a lot for the effort. If the off-season went down like that, that would be awesome. Thanks again.

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