Sean Payton's Preseason Prediction (Jets Will Make The Playoffs)!!! (1 Viewer)


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Jan 23, 2009
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"If I had to choose one non-playoff team from last season that has a chance to make it into the 2009 postseason it would be the New York Jets,” he wrote. “I think Rex Ryan will do a great job of creating a culture that lends itself to winning. I also love Mark Sanchez as a young quarterback prospect. We will find out soon enough.”

Our coach is pretty smart and he may be right on that one. I bet he is predicting a loss for the Jets this week though. Sanchez is a good one but the seemingly small mistakes he has made will be magnified by our improved defense and something else (keep reading). I know they will say that they played the Titans but the Titans D is not playing well right now. However, the Patriots have played pretty tough defense (6th overall right now) and they still found a way to win against them which I must admit was a very good win but both games were home games for the Jets. Things will be different in the Dome. It will be LOUD AND ROWDY SUNDAY which will add to the magnified mistakes part. I have heard some say that they have a special teams advantage but aside from the Detroit game we have played well in special teams and have even come up with some big plays (thanx Jenkins). They have a pretty dangerous returner but we have a dangerous returner in Reggie as well, especially in the Dome. Also how many times has anyone seen Brees held down two weeks in a row? Does anyone remember the Monday Night game in week 12 last year and all the hype about them (Packers) shutting Brees down? Brees came to the Dome with something to prove against the "NUMBER 1, GREAT, VAUNTED, CAN'T PASS AGAINST THEM-PACKERS" and their SHUT DOWN :smilielol: corners. If I remember right I think he said (before the game) that his best was better than their best and it sure was. It will be the same this time as well. :hihi:

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