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May 21, 2014
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These boys are garbage! Fire him now! Fire loomis! Clean up the front office!
Brees is running up a check! Payton never focuses on defense! We were only good cuz of Darren Sharper im telling you. This is horrible to watch and its completely stealing our joy! We deserve better and it sucks that we have to watch other franchises win consistently, with great all around coaching, front office, and ownership. Bad enough we have to deal with the lack of respect from outside media, but to not be in position to consistently win or produce a steady flow of serviceable players is alarming!
I understand as saints fans we are spoiled by the recent success. But its a mirage for Sean Payton lack of building a consistent team around existing and nonexistent players. L.S.U. rid themselves of a burden they deemed as Mad Hatter. They acted promptly cuz they know, it was stale. I hope we do the same with this regime! Or face the music, when Sean leaves he will leave us like he found us. Broken and in disarray!

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