Seattle Seahawks are going to get a beat down next Saturday (1 Viewer)

Saint Kamara

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Dec 14, 2006
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It's going down.

Be careful what you wish for Seattle fans.

Saints 45 Seahawks 14

I can't begin to tell you how bad Seattle is. It's mind boggling.
Saints know how to rev it up to playoff speed, the Seahawks, uhhh not so much.
For all purposes this was a play off game for Seattle. They look beatable.
If this were a regular season game it wouldn't be shown outside of Seattle and New Orleans. Yawner.
Wait, didn't you hear what he said??

now we can listen to the media,say that this will be a close game,not becuz of the Seahawks football team...but the 12th man..will keep it close..look we seen our playoff team on MNF,so lets bring that Saints team to the playoffs.This needs to be a Statement game for the SB defending Champions..
I think the weather will be the determining factor on how this game goes. I sure hope Greer plays better than the last time we played Seattle. He cannot give up those long pass plays Saturday.
Who is going to run for us? How is Jenkins knee? Will Colston be 100%. Will Devery have another 0 game? When will Hargrove return? How many turnovers by our offense to overcome? Will Graham play? This game is far from a lock. We've got a short week and traveling across the country. By the way, it will probably rain that day according to the forecast.

That being said.......

Saints 24-14
I think it'll be closer than it should be because we'll do things to get in our own way like we always do. That's just from observing most of our games this year. But we should win this game.
Extended weather forecast is Showers. High 43F and low 41F. Winds NW at 3 mph. Air Quality:NA, UV Index:NA, 40% chance of rain. Per MSN Weather.

That doesn't really sound too bad.
Saints win 27-20.

Seattle gives a tough fight, but in the end the Saints defense holds and Brees comes out for the V formation.

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