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Oct 9, 2004
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I am looking for the picture of Aaron Brooks in the Raider's uni when it looks like he is running scared. I didn't want to start a thread for this, but I cannot locate it anywhere. I have googled 'til I have carpal tunnel, and it seems that the search feature on the old site does not work. I even looked on some Raiders sites, but no luck. I noticed that someone cropped it and is using it for an avatar on this site, but I am looking for the whole picture.
Before you guys break out the flame throwers, I am not an Aaron basher! I do think it is a funny picture though, and it came up in a conversation the other day. A couple of buddies of mine have never seen it and I told them I would email it to them.
I know exactaly the image you are talking about, but I can't find it.
Be patient. Someone had it as their avatar and I'm not sure if he's on right now.
heeeeeeeeeeeeeere ya go


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Kevin you keep that for when you're having a bad day huh?

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