Sefarian-Jenkins reportedly released by Bucs (1 Viewer)

NOLA may be party central but you don't have to drive after you party. Get him a condo by his favorite bar and a premium Uber membership.
Ikr? So much holier-than-thou around here.

You know what's even weirder than the holier than thou types? The people who act like everyone perpetually deserves the benefit of the doubt despite an established track record of being a loser and screw up who makes terrible decisions. When someone shows you who they are, believe them.
What a dummy. Craziest part of that footage is the cop was about to let him off with a warning but then ASJ started running his mouth. Good job idiot
We share the same barber I would love to see him in black & gold... the kid is a baller the Buc's has no idea how to use him..... He could easily be Jimmy G 2.0 with speed
There's probably more to it than the DUI, that was just the last straw. If he was a good teammate they wouldn't have released him just because of a DUI.
This was his second DUI in the last few years. I'll gladly take a pass even if he was the next Revis in his prime. It is time these players learn that even when they are not at "work" they are still responsible for their actions.
Must've really done something to get booted from the team.

...also, this can't be his first time offense.


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From Reddit
Personal opinion. Austin Sefarian-Jenkins is one of the worst humans I've ever known. His ******yness knows no bounds. First off, throughout high school and college he would drink and drive all the time. He would constantly cheat on girlfriends and force sex upon his current "girlfriends". He was always yelling horrible things at public events (racist, sexist, insulting comments) He would loudly harass the other schools teams at girls volleyball, girls basketball, and girls tennis matches. He tries to act like he is super hard and hood because he was one of the only black kids at our school, but in reality he grew up in a very very large house in a very wealthy area with a silver spoon in his mouth. He's openly abrasive to figures of authority (teachers, chaperones, the elderly, principles, deans, etc). He's racist towards Hispanic and Asian people. Also, he's the most vain, selfish, self absorbed guy I've ever known. The worst part is that all throughout growing up people would be hesitant to punish him because of his size, short fuse, athletic influence, and race (he would openly accuse teachers of being racist because he was black and it was a tool he could use to get out of trouble). Anytime someone would try to punish him he'd turn into a child and somehow get out of trouble. The only person I've seen stand up to Austin was our schools security officer who was a Vietnam vet and would kick him out of sporting events often because of Austin's terrible behavior. Anyways, he's a horrible person.
I remember reading a few articles about him years ago which alleged him of raping a girl or two on frat row at Washington. Wouldn't surprise me if his career is near the end.
I remember reading a few articles about him years ago which alleged him of raping a girl or two on frat row at Washington. Wouldn't surprise me if his career is near the end.

You might be thinking of Jerramy Stevens - another University of Washington / Tampa Bay tight end. He was definitely a rapey guy.

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