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Jun 6, 2010
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A couple things about him.

1. Coming out of Texas, ut coach said kindle had more pass rush potential then even orakpo and kindle went on to have 10 sacks as a junior.

2. The reason the ravens released him was because he was behind Suggs and was injured, while coming back from injury there was no place for him because of Suggs, krugers emergence as a pass rusher and the draft of Courtney upshaw

3. He could be had for the league minimum and has loads of potential. Am I saying he will be a pro bowler? No but he most definitely has the talent to be a great weakside rush outside linebacker, he is worth the gamble for sure since he would be cheap and we have zero depth at that position. Drafting Alec Ogletree or dion Jordan while signing kindle would be a great move in my opinion, Jordan could cover the tight end and blitz with tez at strong ilb or if we draft Ogletree tez could stay at lolb and Ogletree could be our strong MLB
Depends on his medical. He fractured his skull and never seemed to heal right.
Well I meant if he checks out ok.
guess it's worth a look, they are deeper than us, might be able to help our players transition at worst, always cut after training camp
If his medical checks out I would love to have him. Still young and very cheap, looking to prove himself. Out the box thinking like that is what leads to gems.
Didn't he mysteriously fall down the stairs and hurt his head. Either he's a clumsy drunk or has a serious medical condition. Pass
I would love to have him. I watched him at Texas once not knowing who he was and I thought he had to be the best player in the country. Could've just been playing out of his mind.

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