should I be a little smug, a lot smug, or downright obnoxious when (1 Viewer)

how smug should I be?

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  • Obnoxious

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Nov 18, 2000
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I am at a Baltimore bar watching the Saints torch the Ravens. Oh it is hostile territory:)
My wife is from South Carolina, and I've been pretty obnoxious when possible watching the Saints or college games.
I am at a Baltimore bar watching the Saints torch the Ravens. Oh it is hostile territory:)
I'll be doing the same in Frederick tomorrow.

Fairly obnoxious. I was kinda obnoxious when watching the Philly game, and the Atlanta game was going on right next to me, I was obnoxious to those guys too, haha. It's a good time to be a Saints fan.
I was in Gaithersburg, MD for the mnf game, carolina, and tampa game. I watched the mnf game from my hotel's (hilton) was a great time. One of my fellow job trainees, from nyc, who I had only known for a week up to this time, bought me black and gold ballons. I almost cried, that was really nice of her. She knew how hard it was for me to be away from N.O. that night.

I watched the Carolina and Tampa game from a brewery called Growlers. They had a nice set up there. I was the only Saints fan there, and I was able to get a wide screen to myself....when Reggie ran in back against Tampa, I was dancing all over the bar floor!
I was the only person screaming Reggie when he turned the corner on that PR at Champions in Frederick. Everyone came over to look at the TV I was looking at since most other games were over and Reggie just took it to the house (they had to see that, heh), it was a good feeling. :)

There is a really big Capital City contingent on this site, kinda neat.
I think you should represent the Saints and try to make new friends in your area.
being obnoxious somehow seems to be the best way to ensure a saints loss.
as to watch any games, i have to view them in a bar... no directv this year.
Often other teams fans are there, and nice to have them still hospitable when playing their teams.. do unto others as you would have them do unto you is a good thing to live by.

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