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It takes a fair amount of risks to acquire the services of injured players. While contractually I suspect that many clubs are protected in the event the player eventually gets hurt and cannot perform. On the other hand the risk can pay off handsomely.

The most famous risk that reaped huge rewards from the Saints standpoint is none other than our current Pro Bowl QB Drew Brees. With only two teams interested in the standout signal caller only one took the chance and boy did it pay off. We have reaped rewards beyond our expectations.

Fast forward to this year and we sit at another critical point as we try to rebound from a disappointing season. We look for the "other" signal caller, the one on the defensive side of the ball. MLB is the quarterback for most defenses. We have Zach Thomas and Dan Morgan in our sights. Thomas is risking coming back from multiple concussions. This is an area the NFL has paid close attention too especially the last 3-4 years due to the long term effects it can have. Morgan has had several injuries that have cost him the better part of the last 2 seasons. The most recent was an Achilles heal injury last season.

If the Saints are able to land the perennial Pro Bowler in Thomas and he can regain 75% of his former production (averaging over 150 tackles during a 7 year stretch) we could have found a key piece for the next couple of years to a defense that has several missing pieces. However, should he be signed and not come back it is a risk that could cost the Saints dearly should they not have a back up plan i.e. drafting a top MLB in the first 2 rounds.

It's risk vs. reward. New Orleans Saints you are soon on the free agency clock.

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