Since going to this new format on Saintsreport (1 Viewer)

clear out you cookies, temporary internet files and try it again. It should work.
Can you download stuff at work? I would/ If you can download foxfire. I think that if you have been getting updates at work with Windows update, internet explorer has been having some problems and they are working on them. I have been hearing all kinds of crazy things that are due to windows updates with internet explorer. is a free browser and it is pretty cool and quick and well it is all around just as good as IE. Hope this might help.
Since going to this new format on Saintsreport....

Since going to this new format on Saintreport..... the Saints are 0-1. Coincedence? We shall see.
Since boutrous started posting in this new format we are 0-1...coincidence, we shall see.... :sr1:
Since I got my lunch on Sunday from that gas station because i was too lazy to travel any further to get something the saints are 0-1. Coincidence....what shall see.
This thread should be ended. I though this forum was about Saints football not Technical problems and hoodoo.
Since I quite smoking during the games.. The Saints are 0-2.. Coincidence... I wonder

I also cannot get on at work. That really sucks at 4am when nothing is going on!!!!!!!!!!! I get a DNS Server Error message...................
Since I was unable to go to the game
for the first time in years..the Saints are
0-1...I will miss no more games!!!

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