Small-school stars coming to field near you

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Peter Schrager / Fox Sports

Well, it's March Madness time.

And for a couple spring weekends, it's perhaps permissible to think of something other than 40 times and Wonderlic scores. But the NCAA tournament and the NFL draft actually have a lot more in common than you may think — college seniors embracing their coaches one last time; last-second, make-or-break decisions with the clock winding down; TV analysts caked up in makeup with too much hair product on their heads. Really, the NCAA tournament and the NFL draft are really one in the same.

More than anything, though, March Madness and the NFL draft are linked by the way they each bring relatively small schools to national prominence. Just as Stephen Curry can make Davidson the central topic of dinner conversation in Washington, D.C., on a Sunday night, Tyrell Johnson can force Arkansas State into casual Monday morning water-cooler chats in offices from New York City to Seattle throughout April. Full Story – Fox Sports

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