So, Saints go to Arrowhead next season........ (1 Viewer)

I mean, if the Chiefs play like that they have all year (and tonight as well), I see it being competitive. As we build of he defense, it's not going to be some offensive battle as much as the defenses going back and forth. If I'm honest, the other AFC West teams concern me more. Chargers are an unknown and Payton is getting his QB. Raiders are going to be the Raiders but it will be interesting to see what strides they make. Pierce could have a Ryans breakout season.
Doubt it, we're not the ratings draw we once were.

My money would be on Texans-Chiefs for the NFL opener.

OROY/DROY vs. defending champions would make for a far entertaining game

Ravens-Chiefs in an AFC Championship rematch is also a possibility considering Lamar won MVP, but CBS is going to fight tooth and nail to keep that game.
It'll be mid to late year hoping to boost KC's wins to make sure they win division.

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