So when we face the Ravens in the SB, what should be the D's gameplan? (1 Viewer)


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Nov 18, 2000
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Obviously, to win we will need to not shoot ourselvs in the foot (or both feet)...thats obvious (fewer turnovers and penalties). Because of penalties and turnovers (and falling WAY behind), our offense never got moving. So I dont know if it is fair to change that gameplan.

But what can we do to stop them next time around:) (if they make it that far). We got burned playing both man and zone. We obviously need to put on more pressure, but blitzing today didnt work very well.

what do you all think?
Blitzing did work when we forced mcnair to move up in the pocket. We blitzed up the middle which is what you cannot do against the front line of the ravens. You have to blitz from the corners with simoneau and force mcnair to move up in the pocket. Then, Hollis Thomas can just eat him alive.
I can't believe with today's preformance we can talk about a Superbowl... Man
We got burned playing man to man. Billick talked it up during the week and said he thought he could take advantage of it. Several analysts have said the Saints were living dangerously with the man to man. Let's see if we adjust.
I would be hoping to get to the playoffs after today. Superbowl? I think that is the stuff of madmans dreams at this point. We were well beat today. If its any consolation i dont think we can play as bad for the rest of the season. Hopefully this is our "One serious bum game in the regular season" that most teams get. Again lets see what can be learned from it.
the D's gameplan should be prayer to get off the field QUICK and turn it over to an unstoppable ball-control offense...I have NO confidence in our defense since about the 3rd quarter of our loss to the Panthers. I'd rather have the outcome of a game determined by our offense's last possession, not the defense!

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