So Who's A Temporary Cowgurl's fan tonight? (1 Viewer)


Sep 6, 2006
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..guess i am. we lost a game on ATL today, let's hope we keep pace with the Cats. I thing dallas has about a 10% chance of winning this game, but i can dream, can't I?
UGH.. i have to be a BrokeBack boy fan tonight, I can't have Carolina winning, i'll have to just take the smack talking from my brother who's a Dallas Brokeback boy fan.
everyone who is a Saints fan will be pulling for dallas tonight - or at least should be.
I don't know if I will watch the game. I absolutely hate the Cowboys with a passion and I never watch their games. And since the Panthers are in our division I automatically have to dislike them.

And who wants to hear all of that mess about TO tonight anyway?
Well I have Panthers in my pick em game, and besides even if they win there still a half game out of first place.

I like Jake too just because he is in our division doesn't mean I don't root for him to do well, and if it wasn't for Parcells not letting Payton get Romo he would be our QB right now, so I guess we owe Parcells something :)

I am just looking for a good game!
everyone who is a Saints fan will be pulling for dallas tonight - or at least should be.
If a Cowboys win would put the Saints in the Superbowl, I still wouldn't pull for them. No matter what, I always want the Saints and whoever's playing Dallas to win. Just as I could never cheer against the Saints, I could never cheer for the Cowgirls.

Guess I'll pull for a tie.
There is absolutely no way I will pull for Dallas tonight. We will take care of both later in the season.
hard to believe at this point in the game, steve smith has more rushing yards than deshaun foster, but foster has more recieving yards than steve smith.
Hate the 'boys but we have to pull for them.

They are hanging in there.

YES...that is a fumble.
TD and 2 point conversion!!

Go Cowboys!!

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