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Aug 21, 1998
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Stonewall , MS
No, this isn't one of those "we get no respect from the media" type posts. This is a "local TV personalities sometimes do minimal work to earn their pay---and get away with it" post. :)

On the 5 pm news on WAVY 10 their lead in to commercial was "Michael Vick runs wild on the New Orleans Saints." OK, this was said by the news lady and was probably written for her by the sports guy. OK for a teaser to keep you around for after the break.
They come back from the break and the sports guy goes through the Redskins and Ravens games then says "A big game today in the NFC West between two teams on a slide..."
I have a DVR so I hit rewind to see if he really said it...yep, he did. NFC WEST! :_rofl:
he went on to say that both teams have combined to lose 6 of their last 7 games.
Holy misleading statement Batman. He's such a Redskins homer that he doesn't even know what teams are in each division! How does a guy, whose only job is to report on sports news, not know what division the teams are in? He only had a few games to report on and in that segment only reported on three.
I guess I'll stick to the national media for my sports reporting.

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