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Feb 1, 1998
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We just spent a cool week cruising the Rhine river on a river boat. These are small cruise boats, maybe 150 people. My wife and I didn't know anyone on the cruise. Eventually we made good friends with a couple from north England and joined them for many of the dinners.

So we are on the deck after dinner looking at the sights on the Rhine when the guy tells me, "sorry I trumped". All the Brits on the cruise want to talk about Trump, so I assumed he was making a joke. No, he tells me, where he grew up they call farting trumping.

These Brits are pretty good at pulling your leg, so I looked it up. As it turns out, trump is a term for breaking wind and its used mostly in north England and Wales, where this guy is from. The reference I looked up said they consider the term fart as being "salubrious" (a word only Brits would use in a sentence) and consider trump a less vulgar word:

b. To give forth a trumpet-like sound; spec. to break wind audibly (slang or vulgar).
It kind of stuck with my wife and I. She doesn't hear great so I get away with trumping more than I should. But when caught I now apologize for trumping. Its much more civilized. :D

I really liked our Brit friends and had many great discussions with them. They are from the country part of England and were the opposite of pretentious. I enjoy their different use of the English language, I don't know if it is that they have a greater vocabulary, its just that they use a lot of words I might never say in a sentence, but I know what the words mean.

This couple was decidedly anti-brexit. We met two other Brit couples we spent some time with who were very pro-brexit. One of those guys was retired from the BBC.

They were all fascinated with our election and our Trump. Our elections are a big deal in Europe.

As a side note, for WW2 historians, on one of our excursions near Colmar France I stood at the exact site on the edge of woods by a field where Audie Murphy climbed aboard a burning tank, grabbed its machine gun, and single handedly held off advancing german infantry and panzer tanks while his unit escaped.

As another side note, we joined with our Brit friends and a couple from Iowa to win the ship's trivia contest. The couple from Iowa had met the couple from England on a prior cruise and now they go on trips together, which I think is very cool. I thought we were going to win a lot of money or a free cruise, but it turned out to be a bottle of champagne, which worked too. :9: We won with 19 of 20 right. Our Brit lady friend knew Elton John's real name and I think that got us over the second place team.


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May 8, 2008
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One of the Elizabethan books on courtly manners (been too long to remember which) had a story of how to be decorous in covering for a fart that involved someone farting at a feast. The good mannered courtier pointed out that herald blew his trumpet for the entrance of the King, and I blew on for his man.


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May 1, 2000
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Can't wait to vote for the old fart

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