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Nov 13, 2017
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If anyone knows of any good books (NBA Basketball for Dummies?) or internet sources that I can read to get a faster handle on how NBA basketball is played in today's game I would appreciate it.

Keep in mind that I need basics on up. I understand the very basic game (rules, scoring, etc.), but need to understand things like pick and roll, what each position does in various game styles, and oh so much more. IOW, I need to be able to understand what I'm watching.

Pat Kirwan put out a book on football that is really good called "Take Your Eye Off the Ball". I used that book to tutor my wife on how NFL football is played. If there is something like that out there for basketball that would be perfect, but I'll take whatever I can get.

Thanks guys!


Sep 7, 2014
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Well you know running the football (controlling the line of scrimmage) and defense is kinda the cornerstone in football?

In NBA basketball, scoring as close to the goal as possible, aka in the paint = running the football. Defense and defensive rebounding are also cornerstones.

3 point shooting and pick-and-rolls are all the rage in today's game, but the above also still remains the cornerstones. The good teams still do those things.

So that said, pick and roll defense is highly important today.


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