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Jan 3, 2006
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who is going to the Spanish Town Parade?
in the last few years, this parade has really taken off. It keeps getting bigger and bigger.
I used to go to the Metarie Parades on Mardi Gras day, but the police there are real pain the rear. Its almost like they do not want the people there. You can't put up your tents or put down a tarp or blanket on the ground until the parade starts, and if you do, they harass you. I used to like going, but it seems after Katrina, they don't want the people there. I got into in argument with an officer last year because I asked her why are they so strict and she said that these rules are city ordinances all year around.If they do not want the people there, why have the parade, because it seems like treat the parade as a hassle.
that is why I started going to the Spanish Town Parade on Saturday and if I do go to a parade on Tuesday, I will go to the real one in New Orleans.
Metarie can Kiss my grits.......

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