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Sep 1, 2007
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Special teams for the Saints have not been particularly special. Any ideas on why?? Is it coaching? Not enough Emphasis?? Personell?

Saints sign LB Ramon Humber

I think this will help some
he was the Leading Special teams Tackler for the Colts last year
I think getting Healthier will help too
you'll have you backups focusing mainly on special teams instead of special teams and being stop gaps in offense or defense
but these are all short term
I think Long term is a New Coach will have to fix it
I'd just like to see us not giving up so many yards on returns!!

1. We need better blocking on kickoff returns.
2. Decide if Reggie returning punts is worth the risk.
3. Have Hartley kick 500 FG's/wk.
4. Return kickoff responsibility back to Morestead permanently.
Id put Reggie out of the return team of some time atleast the next couple of game - put in Moore and Roby and then in the playoffs perhaps let him try a couple. Needs to get his confidence back first.

At one time Greg Williams coached defense & special teams

Time to turn it over to him
Phew glad we won but. [Special Teams commentary - merged]

Special teams were absolutely garbage and that special teams coach needs to be dragged into paytons office and chewed out every day until that unit is up to par.
Our defense needs to pick it up as well! I'm tired of seeing Porter sitting so far off the WR. Other then that, i don't care, Im glad we won! Bengals have a lot of talent, so I'm ok.
Coverage units are awful. How can we win consistently when the other team starts all their drives at midfield? Good God.
The Saints achilles heel has been ST for a long time, but it might just *really* cost them this year. At this point don't you have to take another look at Morestead doing KO's?
Its been bad all season.

We cant run it past the 30 on KOs. Usually the 25. We let them get to the 40 almost every time this week, sometimes further.

All year, punt returns have been terrible.

Hartley's missed kicks... We can blame hartley, but its still part of Special Teams.

Every phase of special teams outside of Morestead's punts, has been terrible. *ALL* season long.
I think Sean Payton had a few choice words to the special team coach. It needs to be fixed. Special team has been terrible whole season long

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