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Mar 15, 2006
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This isn't the first, second, third, forth, fight or even sixth thread about this but:

WhAT.WILL.IT.TAKE.TO.GET.MCMAHON.FIRED? Seriously, I KNOW he doesn't PLAY but still, other than an AWESOME punter (which he had NOTHING to do with), What the Fork! has this guy done to keep his )&U*$#%$ING job?

If payton is any decent human being, and has ANY kind of consistency...and if he's going to hold Ingram responsible (rightly so) for his 2 fumbles, WHY THE )(&U$#)%Uk NOT HOLD MCMAHON RESPONSIBLE FOR HIS AWFUL ST'S?

Seriously.......the guy has done NOTHING for that 1/3 of the game. His teams don't get any punt or kickoff returns, have crappy coverage and can never be in the top anything of the league other than what their kicker and punter down ON.THEIR.OWN!

Payton, if you're any sort of honest man and hold your players to this, do the right thing and get some dead body to take his effing place for HEAVENS SAKE!

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