(Speculation)Houston Texans Could Trade D. Watson (1 Viewer)

The fortune you’d have to give up to get him though. Probably 2 first round picks, Taysom Hill and more.
When it comes to football I’m typically not a prisoner of the moment type person. But that play Watson made in the playoff game (spinning out of that sack) was out of this world, and (in my mind) showed that he had “it”.

I would move heaven and earth to land him in a trade, but Houston would be stupid to trade him.
No owner would allow that kind of trade. He/she a business man/woman, and they are not that stupid.

Do you guys actually believe in this?
no way I would not be interested in Watson.... great person and all but football wise I dont see the reward for what it would take to trade for him.... To me he is in the Dak category he needs a team around him to make an offense like a Hopkins, thinks its better to have a QB that makes others better not the other way around
Speculation abounds in that piece..

I will say if BoB trades DeShaun Watson he's most likely being shown the door the moment after it happens...
They traded Hopkins for pennies on the dollar. If the Texans escalate commitment to this move, they would be trading to move up in this draft to get a QB and give Watson to a team in the top 5 or 10. Ideally they would look to a team like the Lions or Dolphins. Even if this were true, the Saints are not in a position to make this deal picking so late in round 1.
This is a bigger leap than us moving all the way up to number 1 for Joe. It ain't happening, even O'Brien aint that stupid.

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