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This week two NFL quarterbacks return to play after suffering concussions. Its a subject I know a lot more about than I wish I did. My son was a high school quarterback who suffered concussions and had to quit playing midway through his senior year.

Steve Mcnair returns to play two weeks after his concussion. He probably should not play, but its not unreasonable. He reportedly has had only one concussion(which I kind of doubt but will accept as true because that is what is reported), and its been two weeks since his concussion which has been described as mild. Knowing what I know, I would probably err on the side of cautiion and sit him out another week or two. But according to most literature if he has been symptom free for a week he is okay to play.

Ben Roethlisberger is getting bad advice. There is no way, NO WAY, he should be playing football this week. He probably should not be playing the rest of the season.Its crazy.

Pittsburgh coaches and management started setting this up the moment he got hurt. For days they refused to admit he even had a concussion, despite the fact it was obvious to everyone who saw him assisted off the field in a daze. Why? The Steelers want Roethlisberger to play so they didnt want to call his injury a concussion. Thats what my sons high school coach would tell me, your son is just dinged.

Now once you get a concussion you need to have a doctors clearance to play. Thats really no problem, when my son's pediatrician told me he shouldnt play for a month, I found a neurologist who said two weeks rest was fine.

Whats interesting about Roethlisberger to me is I have met their team neurosurgeon, Dr Maroon. The neuropsychologist he works with, Dr Micky Collins, is probably the leading authority on sports concussions and return to play. I know him too and his literature well. There is no way he would let Roethlisberger play if Dr Collins believes what he writes.

Roethlisberger had a severe concussion this year in his motorcycle accident. Thats one and its a big one. Last week he had another one, lets call it mild even though it looked moderate. Thats two in a year, one moderate to severe one and one mild to moderate. By most guideleines he should be out a month. To be safe, he might want to consider sitting out the year. Some doctors say quit your seaosn after a third concussion in a year, some say quit football.

But Ben wants to play. His coaches want him to play. I understand that. My son wanted to play. His coaches wanted him to play. I wanted him to play.

Thank goodness my wife and my son's pediatrican talked some sense into me. We sat him down his last few games even though we had clearance to play. Its funny, looking back its so clear to my son and me that sitting down was right. It was a no brainer, if you will excuse the pun.

Roethlisberger has an injured brain. It is more susceptible to injury and will be for most of this season. He migth make it through a few games without a concussion. He might make it through the season.

But he is taking an unreasonable risk. He is getting bad advice. This weeks game is so important to him now, but if he could get some sound advice, step back and see the big picture, there is no way that young man would play. Ask Merril Hoge who got so bad after his concussions he was afarid to leave his house because he would get lost.

I hope someone who knows and cares for Ben helps him get a clue. The Steelers ought to be ashamed, they should not let him play.
You were right to handle your son's case as you did. He's lucky to have you looking out for him.

I'd like to see Ben stay down, too, but he is an adult and legally it's his decision, although he is still so young I wonder if he can make a decision that is good for him as opposed to one that is good for the team. The Steelers are a corporation and as such they have no heart, the team comes first always. I'm with you on this one, Ben needs some advice from someone who cares about his long term well being.
Roethlisberger obviously lacks good judgment, as evidenced by his riding a motorcycle without a helmet. I just hope that he isn't seriously injured again.
St Dude, I agree completely. Not only that, but Charlie Batch is playing good football...Roethlisberger hasn't been the same since he slammed his face into that Chrysler. There is no reason to rush him back into the game....prior to the past 2 games Big Ben threw 7 picks and 0 TDs...he finally bounced back against 2 relatively terrible pass defending teams. Batch on the other hand hadn't thrown an INT at all.

I have a feeling this is Roethlisberger being young and nervous about the way he's playing. He seems to have alot to prove, mainly that he's invincible.
dude, if you were going to let your son play, you should have gotten a two-for-one discount on the head examination...:hihi:

But you were right to think about the disconfirming evidence of your own judgment, which means you must not have been too groggy. Good call.

The cold-blooded part of me says right now, healthy solid journeyman Batch is the better quarterback, so I hope Big Ben suits up against us. But I certainly hope they're doing the right thing.

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