N/S SR community to the rescue: I´m looking for a long lost friend and Saints fan. (1 Viewer)

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Mar 8, 2011
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Hi everybody,

As I wrote in the thread title, I´m having difficulty communicating with a friend, who happens to be the person who introduced me to the NFL and the awesomeness that is the Saints fanbase, back in 1993. Her name is Gray Malcolm, a life long Saints fan and original season ticket holder. The last time I spoke to her was in 2010. I´m from Guatemala and I don´t travel often to New Orleans so we usually spoke on the phone (we used to speak right before the start of the season, every year). Since then, I haven´t been able to communicate with her, and I don´t know anyone else in New Orleans that could tell me if she is OK. Gray lived in Metairie, and worked at the LSU medical center (Emeritus professor of Pathology). I know that she once registered as a user in saintsreport, so some of the older members might remember her, or maybe you know her because of your regular social networks. Any news on her whereabouts or her situation would be very much welcome. Feel free to PM me if you have information to share.
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