SRVG GOTY nominations: Best PC game (1 Viewer)


party lamp
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Jan 11, 2002
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Duncan Plaza
And we thought the PC was just for pr0n

Nominations here:

Starcraft 2
Plants vs Zombies
My favorite PC game is a game called Pr0n Hub.

/I'm pretty sure it really is just for pr0n and ghey fights.
Only game I would add besides Civ V is STALKER: Call of Pripyat. It was buggy like all of the STALKER games, but what do you expect from something developed in the Ukraine?
Plants vs zombies is up there as one of the most under-rated games ever made.

Gotta go with that
I'm assuming "PC" games means "anything not console or handheld"....since there is no "best iPhone/iPad GOTY and based on the way you guys talk, I'd toss up "Angry Birds"

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