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Feb 1, 1998
We actually saw this movie several weeks ago as part of the deal where I have to see all the nominated movies. I need to get up my reviews on "There Will be Blood", "No Country For Old Men" and "Atonement". I reviewed "Michael Clayton" previously. I can tell you of the five nominated movies, four were worthy of nominations. One was not even close. "Juno" was my favorite of the five.

My taste in movies is pretty varied and I am generally easy to please. While I enjoy some of the well done movies that look at serious issues, what I really like is being entertained. Juno is a movie about what one might think would be a serious subject, teenage pregnanacy, but the movie was not remotely serious. It was enormously entertaining and one of the better acted, better written comedies I have seen in a while.

Judd Apatow flicks like Forty year Old Virgin and Knocked Up are certainly funny movies, but for me a good bit of the humor is crude. The humor in Juno is smarter. I did not find it quirky, as some described comparing it to Little Miss Sunshine. I found it clever and different.

You can not review the movie without giving mention to Ellen Page, the young Canadian actress who plays Juno, the lead character. She could not be more perfect for her role. You kind of wonder if anyone else could have played the character like she did. Her boyfriend doesnt quite know what to do about being a father. She calls him by his last name, Bleeker, and he looks exactly like you would think a kid named Bleeker looks.

It seems like every role was perfectly cast. Jennifer Garner does a great job as the hopeful adoptive parent to be of Juno's child. J K Simmons, the editor in Spiderman, is awesome as her father. Allison Janey has some really good scenes as Juno's stepmother.

I would not describe it as a chick flick, as I kind of thought it would be. Its a movie with heart I think every parent would enjoy. Its fresh and has very broad appeal. Interestingly, it was written by Diablo Cody, a stripper turned screenwriter. I have little doubt someday her life story will be a movie of its own.

I really do like most all kinds of movies, but mostly I like to laugh and walk out of a movie feeling good. The Killing Fields might have been a great and thought provoking movie, and I enjoy serious flicks, but mostly I want to escape on my movie weekends.

I seriously can not think of anything bad to say about Juno. I give it ten beans out of ten beans for being so fresh, funny and perfectly casted. I usually find something I dont like in even the best of movies to deduct at least a bean, but I just can not think of anything I disliked enough about this movie to justify knocking off a bean. While everyone has different taste in movies, Juno is one movie I think most everyone would find entertaining.

Hopefully, for the half dozen or so that read the reviews(and Richard:D), I'll have the rest of the nominated films reviewed by the end of the week.
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Sep 11, 2004
Juno was an awesome movie. I really enjoyed how they played up a responsible young girl taking it into her own hands, and following through with the difficult decision of giving the baby up for adoption. I like how it showed parents a different way of treating something like this.

I really like it. The only thing I thought was uncalled for was the statuatory rape, or trying to hook up with a minor. The girl Juno was 16, and this old married guy stuck in his high school years looks like he wants to shack up with Juno. I think they could have left the weird possibility/theme out of the movie. It was kind of uncomfortable. While I'm 25 and I catch myself checking out the young girls who I think are 18, but the movie came very close to making it a whole different movie.

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