Stop Drew Brees? Oh, Come on, CHILD, PLEASE!! (1 Viewer)


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Oct 19, 2000
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I know I heard something like this in the new "Anthem" music video but I really like all of the excitment which Our TEAM winning is bringing to The City and the "Child PLEASE!" thing is pretty funny to me!

But, tell the truth, we have seen this coming ever since '06 with the changing of the regime to our current situation. With Coach Payton, Drew and Reggie added to our existing "D" linemen who were there from the previous debacle era and a great combative competition to make the line-up as an Offensive Lineman and get on Defense.

During the coach has-been, aaron brooks days we would win but there was something sick about the "spirit" of the team., we now have something which we've all hoped would happen since the Jim Mora days. We now have a collective TEAM UNITY where it seems no one cares about individual stats but they realize if they get The RING, THAT's what can get you into The Hall of Fame! If stats were that important they would have gotten Drew his Marino record ( which I had hoped for) but looking at Marino you quickly realize, all the records in the books don't match-up to WINNING a SUPERBOWL!

It's pretty clear, so far, this is The New Orleans SAINTS BEST chance and best group of character players since The Dome Patrol days where we did have some great years and a few great opportunities yet, looking back, there has never been such a high quality of players on our team in it's history. Each one of them is quick to point out just how great their teammates are instead of how good they are (ala: Joe Horn, who I loved see catch the ball with his heart but in the end he was all about JOE HORN).

No, THIS TEAM is all about giving credit to the other guys and to the Coaches and their schemes, hard work and togetherness. The pieces are all in-place. Now, we're only 5 games in. There is so much football ahead it's for sure going to be quite a ride but 5 games in and being 5-0 is pretty darned good!

I can hardly wait to see us gouge into our own Division, who must be wondering how on Earth to stop a Team where 7 different players have scored in one game and that theme is becoming a standard rather than some sort of fluke!

We're hanging 40+ pts. on teams like it's just the way we do............and, in fact, it IS The WAY we DO! In addition to that, we now have a Defense which considers the ball carrier a delivery boy for the ball to us and any pass in the air is OURS to catch, NOT the offense!

On Special Teams, I believe it's clear, we must get some space around Reggie on punts and Roby(or whoever) on K/O's. It's an area where this team can improve greatly. We certainly don't' need our Kicker/Punter making score saving tackles either, although I'm very glad the kid CAN make those plays. So, I expect to see improvement on Sp. Teams to make this team even more dangerous.

'Nuff SAID! It's our year for the taking! Let's pray for as injury free a season as possible and for our TEAM to be REPRESENT'IN OUR Division and OUR Conference come Feb. 1st in Miami. Look around town while you're there this week fellows and get a feel for the stadium, I look forward to seeing you all back there early next year!

!!!!!!!!!!!GEAUX SAINTS GEAUX!!!!!!!!

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