Stranger than a free TV, Saints look legit (1 Viewer)


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Aug 1, 1997
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Sunset, La
By Rick Cleveland

Let's turn back to the clock to Aug. 21, a little more than two months and at least one NFL miracle ago.

The New Orleans Saints were still training at Millsaps College, trying to learn a new offense and defense - not to mention one another's names. The offensive line couldn't block. The defense couldn't tackle. Deuce McAllister's bad knee looked almost as shaky as Drew Brees' right arm.

So my wife and I were watching the Saints play dead against the Dallas Cowboys in a Monday night preseason game at Shreveport. The Cowboys led the Saints 17-0, and it wasn't that close. We were just about to switch channels when my old friend Con Maloney appeared on the screen.

Whatever Con was selling, we figured, was better than the Saints. So we watched. Con was pitching fancy, big-screen TVs - plasmas, LCDs and DLPs.

Buy one before Sept Sept. 10, Con said, and when the New Orleans Saints win Super Bowl XLI, Cowboy Maloney's will refund you the price of the TV.

I immediately howled.

Full Story - Clarion-Ledger

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