Suggestion: Darren Sharper for secondary coach? (1 Viewer)

Not many HoF or future HoF players are coaches. Just sayin.
Not only that hasn't he been on the sideline since he retired? Maybe not this past season. You would think if he had that coaching itch he would have done a little bit of it then.
Sharper even before retiring showed he wanted to be on TV. He was positioning himself in the NFLNetwork even before hanging the cleats.

He is where he wants to be.
Al Harris just got hired by the Chiefs as a secondary coach.

Heard he impressed a lot of people coaching at the East-West Shrine game.
I think he would be great coach and it was obvious he was teaching the secondary and providing insight during his time here. I just don't think coavhing interests him now;he wants to have fun and has always enjoyed the spotlight. He might develop a desire later in life to coach, and will probably succeed if he does.
He'd have to cut his teeth as a defensive assistant/coaching intern first. He wouldn't just hop right into being an NFL position coach.
Modern day HOF's don't need the money and I'd guess the 16 hr days of coaching wouldn't be worth it especially if they are well compensated in their tv job.
Having skills and tons of experience doesn't mean you have the ability to teach it.

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