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Nov 12, 2003
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The guys and I have a 3 yr old keeper league on CBSSportsline. We have not been happy with CBS for say, three yrs. We have had constant problems with them since day one.

I have been appointed as the Chairman of the Search Committee for a new FF site. Does anyone have any experience or suggestions for a new site? Before this board was switched over to the new format, there was a thread started with this same topic. I remember checking it out as well as some of the boards. Now I can't find it. Any help is appreciated. is pretty good. I;ve played in a couple leagues on fanball and i've liked it alot. Much better news section than cbs. It does have its problems just like cbs, but i liked the site much better. There is also ESPN, yahoo, (i dont like yahoo). there are a few others too i think. Im tired of CBS too.
On, are you talking about the Fantasy Football Commissioner? There is alot going on with this site. Just wanted to make sure this is the right place on fanball. Thanks
I had been happy with CBS until last week. I am now unabe to sign in to the site. When I put my ID and password in a blank screen comes up. I am then locked out of CBS until I delete my cookies. I can not check my teams.

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