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Jun 3, 2005
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well, I was wondering what would happen if we did make it to the in how would the ticket situation work ( i know i know...lets worry about making it to playoffs, but I wanted to know juuuusst incase)

well some of you probably already knew it, but its a lottery system and when i called the saints they didnt know how many each team would recieve at this point....btw they didnt act like the question was inappropriate.....they said call back when we get closer to the Superbowl lol

what im wondering is ...lets say you have 2 tickets and your named gets you get 1 ticket or do you get 2....i would think only 1 but that would suck for say a husband and wife who have tickets or a Dad and son. I only have 1 so it wouldnt affect me......

heres to hoping that we have this problem
This is what the Rams website says

If the Rams (Saints) participate in the Super Bowl, Rams (Saints) season ticket holders who purchase playoff tickets will be automatically entered into a computerized random ticket lottery. Notification invoices will be sent to those accounts selected in the drawing. Lottery winners will have the opportunity to purchase (2) Super Bowl tickets. Details regarding payment and pick-up will be included on the ticket notification invoices.

I would guess you get the option to purchase 2 tickets is pretty common across the NFL. The packers website says the same thing. I don't even see a policy on the website.
My question is how much is the premium a season ticket holder will pay for their playoff tickets, and how much are the superbowl tickets for season ticket holders usually. I would expect not to pay the crazy $1000 dollars or more.
just face value ...i sat in 638 for the rams pats sb and face value on the tickit is 400

i only paid 200 on the street though
I would bet that, the better your seats are or the more they cost, you get better odds at winning the tickets..... kinda like how the NBA does there lottery.....
damn, we get this far and a Jinx thread pops up.. thanx for ending our SB hopes :-(
Anyone know what the markup is on playoff games? I'm assuming they will cost more than our regular season tickets.
We still have a long way to go, but for once it is a realistic dream. Speaking of the cost of Superbowl tickets, it reminded me of the only time I went to one. Here is the ticket below. The game was in Tulane stadium (Vikings vs. Steelers) and was supposed to have been in the Dome but it was not complete. The face value of the ticket is $20 and I bought it at kickoff for $ what a deal. I am told that the stub is now worth in excess of $200.


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