Superdome’s “worst-case scenario” is 13,000 fans for Saints games (1 Viewer)

Charean Williams


No one knows what games are going to look like this fall. Are they going to be played without fans? Some fans? Full stadiums?

Every team likely is busy planning for everything, or anything.

The Superdome Commission, a state entity formerly known as the Louisiana Stadium and Exposition District, held its monthly meeting Thursday. Stadium officials revealed they are modeling multiple contingency plans in case the NFL calls for social distancing, Sean Fazende of WVUE-TV reports.

The Superdome Commission has considered scenarios of using between 17 percent and 50...

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Mar 5, 2015
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Dumbest thing I have read in a long time.

As a season ticket holder of 3 seats, how are they planning to separate my 3 seats? Do I only get to use one of my tickets, even though 2 of the 3 are for my wife and I and one child? What are they doing? How are they planning to seperate blocks of season tickets? It makes no sense.

Here is the real deal.
1-the Saints and NFL do not want to part ways with my money, or other thousands of season ticket monies collected, across the league.

2-the Saints and the NFL, should just refund all season ticket money this year to season ticket holders that would prefer to have THEIR money in THEIR pocket, rather then being held for 4-5 months by the Saints, free of interest.

3-for those season ticket holders that opt out for this year, they still retain their rights to their seats next year and beyond.

4-for season ticket holders that opt out at this point for this year, but the season would go on as planned with packed stadiums (HIGHLY UNLIKELY), those fans could easily opt back in with having to pay back in with one payment and would have week to do so, or their rights would be forfeited.

5-the season tickets for those season ticket holders that opted out could then go into the individual game ticket pool to be sold.

i just do not get why the Saints and the NFL, with all of the uncertainty of how the seating will be, are opting to hold all if the season ticket monies, without even considering to give the season ticket holders an option to have their money refunded at this point. It makes no sense.


Medsamust Saint Fan
Apr 14, 2007
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Slaughterhouse Five
Don't think this would do much for Domefield advantage

And Super44 - that would be an insane situation to out your family in. Best wishes!

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